Pre-Translation Process

When we receive a request for translation or localization, one of our project managers analyses the original files, confirms the details (file structure, target audience and culture etc.) with you to define the needs and specific requirements of the project so that they can plan the most efficient workflow.

Dedicated Linguists

And then, the project manager assigns the project to the linguists dedicated for your requests. As a principle, we usually build dedicated teams for each of our customers and their project domains. We collaborate with native-speaking, professional linguists who have an extensive background with translation or localization to ensure the successful end product.

Technological Savvy Team

Our linguists use industry-leading technologies, specific terminology glossaries, translation memory and quality assurance tools to increase productivity and reduce time and costs. After translation process, our quality assurance team applies all quality control procedures necessary for the project such as editing, engineering, and testing with detailed fine-tuning.

Domain-Expert Reviewers, Proofreaders and Testers

The documents are always reviewed by a second, similarly, a qualified linguist to correct surface errors, grammar, character limit check, adjustments to tone, terminology mismatches, and ensure style guide compliance etc. Our reviewers make sure that we meet your expectations regarding the linguistic, stylistic and functional features of the target country such as the dates, currency, time, and industry-specific terminology. Every file is checked by our in-house experts before final delivery: format, text encoding, code integrity, etc. When necessary, we also do visual testing (screen layout) or test the software, website or game for 100% linguistic and functional accuracy.

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