100% Guarantee

We stand behind our work 100% for accuracy in any case. If you or your reviewers notice any errors, mistranslations, omissions, or inaccuracies in the document, we will go to all lengths to rectify the issue immediately.

We Save You Money

By benefiting from the Translation Memory systems, we save you time and money. Our translation technologies allow us to save from previously translated segments, paragraphs, and pages and offer you a reduced cost.

We Do What We Do Best

Around 60% of our translation projects are related to IT, Marketing, and IT+Marketing documents. We also translate life sciences, industrial manufacturing, automotive, and legal documents.

In-House First-Choice Professional Linguists

With our dedicated in-house team of linguists, we provide high-quality translation and localization services and have the capacity to handle large volume projects in-house at tight deadlines. We offer price-competitive, customer-focused, and quality-controlled services with our in-house best-choice professional linguists.


We choose our linguists and project managers carefully and trust each one of them. We want our customers to know that their project is in capable hands. We therefore share with you certain reports, if required.

Multistep Quality Assurance

We have a strict technology-assisted quality assurance procedure for every project. Your documents will be reviewed by a second, similarly qualified linguist to correct surface errors, grammar, and terminology mismatches, and ensure style guide compliance etc.

Extensive expertise

after years of working with the largest MLVs, LSPs, and global direct clients.

Partnered with

all sizes of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Experienced Team

In addition to our experienced in-house team, we have also built an extensive network of native linguists and technical experts with an advanced knowledge in most of the industries in order to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Streamlined Translation Project Management

Effective project management by professionals with a translation background

We utilize cloud-based and data-driven project management software so that you can enjoy excellent quality, fast turnaround and great value on each order.


Customer-focused and quality-controlled services

We have a strict technology-assisted quality assurance procedure for every project. 

After translation processes, your materials will be reviewed by a second, similarly qualified linguist to correct surface errors, grammar, and terminology mismatches, and to ensure style guide compliance.

Here’s what identifies Localex:

Established domain knowledge in:

We offer technical translation services for leading technical and manufacturing companies with a strict quality assurance policy.

You’re high tech. All you need is a high tech partner for your translation needs! Localex has a broad experience in providing translation and localization services.

We are a trusted solution partner of leading advertising agencies and have been helping thousands of businesses to successfully debut their brand in new markets.

Localex is the right translation company for high-quality life sciences and medical translation services. We understand that your industry needs quick and expert language solutions.


Localex offers reliable, correct and accurate legal translation services to a broad range of clients, including law firms, leading corporations, governmental agencies and international technology companies.

Localex’s broad experience in automotive translations helps global automotive companies and their advertising/content marketing agencies reach millions of consumers around the world.

We have a young and dynamic game localization team who are already engaged with games in their daily lives and practicing translation as a profession.

Are you looking for a translation company to translate and localize your e-Learning, m-Learning, and training modules…

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