Digital Marketing

Global is the new local now!

Digital Marketing

Global is the new local now!

Localex helps you streaming your message across the world and gaining all benefits of going global.

If you’re trying to create a global brand and reach out to customers all over the world, you’ll have to follow an effective advertising strategy. Today, every brand and every sector have different target groups and the use of digital media is different in all.

We need localization and globalisation in digital marketing solutions. There are lots of different people out there and it can be challenging to communicate the message to those people. 

Here at Localex, we provide the perfect balance between localisation and globalisation of your services and products.

How We Do

Content Marketing

Profiles on social media must be continuously active. This is done through high quality contents. If you are searching for ways to promote your brand in a specific market, we can create the local and global contents for you. We provide you with blog posts and visuals to keep your content alive.

Transcreation / Cultural Adaptation

Transcreation, which is an important point in SEO, is the process of transforming a message from one culture to another. During this process, instead word for word translation, different expressions can be used in order to give the same effect in other cultures. Nowadays, this method is very important to promote the brand globally.

Search Engine Optimization

Not every customer is the same. As the target audience differs, various search methods are created in the search engines. Therefore, it is not possible to reach everyone with a simple planning. We ensure that your brand stands out in important search engines.

Multilingual SEO

If you want to promote your brand and website in international platforms and markets, it is important to pay attention to platform language. Achieving success in this area, you need to do SEO work on multiple languages ​​and open the way for globalization. Effective multilingual SEO studies make it easy for people to reach your brand in a globalized world.

Perfect harmony of globalisation and localisation are the key for successful SEO optimisation work. For an effective SEO optimisation, we combine visual components with targeted campaign messages.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most important tools used by individuals and companies to explain their services and products to their target audience. We offer social media consultancy services with global strategies to allow you to reach your target audience more easily.

We determine your target audience and offer quality content and social media tracking services.

Digital PR

We support you with digital PR in accordance with SEO. In this way, you can get to the top of the search engines more easily.

Digital Design

Our team of graphic designers offers the best visuals to attract visitors to the brand and support your digital communication.

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