MT and Post-Editing

With our highly trained and certified team.

MT and Post-Editing

With our highly trained and certified team of post-editors,
we are ready to handle your post-editing needs and deliver faster throughput, at lower costs.

Our services include full post-editing, light post-editing as well as general or domain-specific neural machine translation customisation.

The collaboration between post-editors and translation machines can help large corporations and companies of all size aspiring to go global and publish their multilingual content in the fastest way possible, at a cost compatible with their quality expectations.

We apply different types of AI powered automation approaches
and various MT workflows in the localization process thanks to our:

MT Knowledge

Domain Knowledge

Linguistic Knowledge

Practical experience with MT post-editing

Scientific knowledge on computer science

Academic background on machine translation and machine learning

Extensive knowledge and experience of managing remote working teams

Industry practice on various file types

Young and energetic team providing 24/7 communication and flexible support

Technical and technological knowhow, capacity, centralization and a full customer service

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